Momofuku Ko

Claudette Restaurant

Sweetgreen Restaurant

Affinia Hotel

Hill Country BBQ

Carnegie Towers – 11th Floor

Hampton Inn

Homewood Suites

514 Broome Street

Austrian Consulate

Haven’s Kitchen

93 Worth Street

Montmartre Restaurant

Chez Sardine

New York Marriott Marquis

Paramount Hotel

Holiday Inn

Hampton Inn



Large Scale Renovation and Ground Up Development (10,000 sf+)

Claremont Stables and Carriage House
171-177 West 89th Street

234 East 84th Street 
Ground up construction- 6 floors- 3 units

235 West 71st Street

180 East 93rd Street

170 East 77th Street

190 Riverside Drive


141 West 13th Street
Apt. 105

464 Broome Street

444 East 52nd Street
Apt. 9C

9 Barrow Street
Apt. 6M

79 Barrow Street
217 West 19th Street

92 Horatio Street
Apt. 4L

146 West 22nd Street
5th floor

151 East 83rd Street
Apt. 9H

325 East 72nd Street
Apt. 6D

300 East 59th Street
Apt. 1901/02

22 Riverside Drive
Apt. 2A

250 West 89th Street
151 1st Avenue

401 East 74th Street
Apt. 14P/15M

267 West 71st Street

840 Park Avenue
Apt. 8B

923 5th Avenue
Apt. 9C

232 West 15th Street

130 East 70th Street

119 East 71st Street

448 North 6th Street

125 East 61st Street

66 Clifton Place

20 E.65th Street

39 E.74th Street